Hospital Unimed Ribeirão Preto - Sterilization Center
The material and sterilization center consolidated the Unimed Hospital as a regional reference in the area, having been recognized even by supervisory bodies as a standard of excellence in sterilization, security and wealth control.

To ensure the effectiveness of each process, all cleaning and sterilization stages undergo daily quality tests, providing the highest degree of safety in surgical procedures.

Another difference is that all the water used for manual, automated or sterilizing cleaning is purified, preventing the permanence of toxins and waste in the instrumental and preserving it for many years.


Access Control

Hospital Unimed Ribeirão has a rigorous process to protect the privacy and safety of patients, companions and professionals. One of them is the access control, made through magnetic cards. Only authorized persons may circulate on floors protected by ratchets and digital doors and circulation is permitted only at times designated for each employee. Other than that, access is restricted.

Waste Management

Waste management is a differential of the Hospital, which in addition to making the selective collection, destines the waste to Cooperativa Mãos Dadas, in the form of a donation. With respect to hospital waste, the separation is made between the biological, chemical and sharp-infecting infectors, with the correct destinations in appropriate landfills. The common waste, which represents 80% of the total volume of waste, goes to the municipal public collection.

Water Treatment

There is a rigorous treatment in the water that arrives until the taps of the Hospital Unimed Ribeirão, from the reservoirs until the end use. The system of air conditioning and air conditioning of the environments has a resource of capture and reuse of water in other functions, such as cleaning. The water heating is all done by solar energy, specially designed to compose requirements of sustainability and preservation of environmental resources.