Hospital Unimed Ribeirão Preto - ICU - Intensive Care Unit
The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Hospital Unimed Ribeirão brought to the city and the region a new concept in treatment: humanized and focused on patient recovery.

The unit has as its main characteristic, individualized beds with a focus on the humanized reception of the patient's family members, including allowing the companion to remain 24 hours a day, which can directly collaborate with the patient's recovery process, as well as for the tranquility of the patient. family, who feel safer and more integrated when following the treatment closely. The beds in the ICU - Intensive Care Unit of Hospital Unimed Ribeirão were designed to privilege natural lighting allowing the patient to maintain their perception day and night.

With the use of state-of-the-art technologies associated with the availability of minimally invasive monitoring, the ICU of Hospital Unimed Ribeirão already stands out as one of the most modern units in the city and region.

The ICU is made up of specialist doctors and a multidisciplinary team (without on-call doctors and resident doctors), which guarantees commitment and special monitoring of the patient.


Access Control

Hospital Unimed Ribeirão has a rigorous process to protect the privacy and safety of patients, companions and professionals. One of them is the access control, made through magnetic cards. Only authorized persons may circulate on floors protected by ratchets and digital doors and circulation is permitted only at times designated for each employee. Other than that, access is restricted.

Waste Management

Waste management is a differential of the Hospital, which in addition to making the selective collection, destines the waste to Cooperativa Mãos Dadas, in the form of a donation. With respect to hospital waste, the separation is made between the biological, chemical and sharp-infecting infectors, with the correct destinations in appropriate landfills. The common waste, which represents 80% of the total volume of waste, goes to the municipal public collection.

Water Treatment

There is a rigorous treatment in the water that arrives until the taps of the Hospital Unimed Ribeirão, from the reservoirs until the end use. The system of air conditioning and air conditioning of the environments has a resource of capture and reuse of water in other functions, such as cleaning. The water heating is all done by solar energy, specially designed to compose requirements of sustainability and preservation of environmental resources.