Unimed Hospital Ribeirão Preto | Health Plan | Medical Agreement

Aimed at high complexity, the Hospital Unimed Ribeirão Preto stands out for its modern structure and advanced technological resources for several areas, as well as for offering Ribeirão Preto and the region a new concept in hospitality . It was designed with the most modern concepts of sustainable architecture, meeting the strict international criteria, with the use of high technology materials that guarantee the rational and intelligent use of natural resources for the benefit of the environment. The project has a special attention to internal lighting, uses the maximum of the sun's rays, providing customers with the perfect sense of time.


The humanization of relationships is one of the premises followed by the teams of Hospital Unimed Ribeirão Preto, which aims to welcome and relationship with patients, offering differentiated and more humane care, in addition to that already offered in medical-patient care.

Hospital Unimed Ribeirão has a wide range of initiatives, through the Humaniza HURP movement, which seeks to disseminate human respect and appreciation, with actions such as ?Desire Day?, which responds to special requests from our patients; ?Gotinhas de Amor?, with messages written to make the patient's experience more pleasant during their hospitalization process; and the ?Commemorative Dates?, which help the patient to continue feeling connected with his daily life.